Online Nursing Instructor Jobs Georgia: What You Need To Know According To Thought Leaders

online nursing instructor jobs

"We knew this program was needed," Bell said. "Before we started it, I called around to the nursing homes and the biggest majority said they could use CNAs, and they had problems getting the positions filled. They are all happy we are doing it." Dawn McWilliams, director of Case Management, said this program is one of the only five-week programs in the area that she is aware of, which is important for some students who don't want to go through the typical six-month program. Student Carol Bell, 36, previously worked in law enforcement before working at the Friendship House at the Home. She has five children, ages 8 to 19. "I got a passion after working at the Friendship House," she said. "We put my mom in assisted living, I started working there and I just loved it." Adam Messer, also 36, is starting a new career. "I have been a stay-at-home dad for 11 years, and now that my youngest is about to go to school, it's time to move on," he said. Cheyenne Hodgin, 17, will graduate from online high school this month and is preparing for her future career in nursing. "I am going into nursing next year, and I thought this would be a good start and something to do while I am in college for three years," she said.

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